August Box - Back 2 School & STEAM

Distance. Hybrid. Social Distancing

This is our back-to-school reality. This month's P&S is full of supplies to keep your kids covered, no matter how you are going back-to-school. Headsets, erasers, face masks, sparkling pencils, deodorant and out of space socks will definitely set off a successful school year. 

Hey folks, we know you all are totally tired of this quarantine life. We went all the way in with our back-to-school box to bring some fun and unique STEAM activities for this successory. STEAM learning fun is great for the entire family. Use your STEAM book to record your experiments just like scientist do!

We've visited  to find  the coolest STEAM project we can do at home. Please note that most experiments require adult supervision!

Here's a few STEAM projects that our family with try out:

1. How to build a balloon car 

2. Egg in a bottle

3. Color Changing Lemonade Lab 

These are just a few of the hundreds of STEAM projects available at

As always we love to hear back from our subbies. Send us your pictures, videos and reviews and we will feature them on IG and FB pages. 


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