December P&S Box Successory

Nia Mobley | 16 December, 2019 | 2 Comments

            December P&S Box Successory

Happy December Subbies! 

When was the last time that you showed gratitude? Don't worry, now is your opportunity. This month's Successory  is a thankfulness exercise. We have included four blank thank you cards in this month's box. Here's what we want you to do. 

1. Sit still in a quiet place and reflect on what you are thankful for at least 30 minutes. 

2. While reflecting, think of who you would like to express thanks. If it's more than one person, event better! Contact them to ask for their mailing address. Don't tell them why, thank you cards are the best surprise!

3. Write your thank you message on a scrap piece of paper, before writing it down on the provided thank you cards.  Make sure you are specific about what you want to thank that person for. 

4. Once you have perfected your message. Write it down in the thank you card. 

5. Seal the card and address it and don't forget to use the provided mailing stamp. 

6. Ask your parents to take you to the post office, neighborhood mailbox or give the letter to your local mail carrier. 

7. Feel great about yourself, because you're about to make someone's day! 

We know you'll enjoy this month's Successory! Don't  forget to send us photos and videos of you doing this activity:  We love to feature our subbies on our IG page. 


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26 December, 2019


This is a great old way of making someone’s day especially coming from a kid!

16 December, 2019


Great idea. Even for myself!

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