February P&S Box Successory

Nia Mobley | 19 February, 2020

            February P&S Box Successory

Hey Subbies! 

Thank you for sending reviews, pictures and videos of the P&S December Box. We're so happy that you loved all the items and we know you had a good time writing and mailing out the thank you cards.  We want to thank you again for all of your support! 

This month's Successory is a journal. Yes a journal! not a vlog or a blog. Why is writing in a journal necessary when we have loads of technology at the tip of our fingers? There's nothing like pen and paper.  And finding an old journal and reading your private thoughts and feelings in your own hand writing is so exciting. 

Here's  a few tips for those who are beginners at journaling:

1.  Keep to short and to the point. You don't have to write a five page paper every time you sit down to journal. Think about what you want to write about first and write a summary of your experiences. 

2. Don't stress over writing in your journal everyday. At first it will be hard to make it a routine. Try setting an alarm to remind you that it's time to write in your journal. Give it some time and you'll look forward to journaling daily. 

3. Be specific. Describe your feelings. Use names and places.  These may be your everyday occurrences to you now but your older self will no doubt thank you for the memories. 

4. Write about a range of emotions. Sometimes we tend to want to write only when we are feeling a particular emotion, like sadness or joy. Write often enough to capture a range of your emotions. This will help you draw a picture of your full personality. 

Have fun journaling! 

Remember, send us your pictures, videos and comments on the February Box. 


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