Nia Mobley | 25 August, 2021

            It's BACK-TO-SCHOOL Time!

Welp... it's that time of year again! 

Parents, do you cry too every first day of school? Oh, is that just me...OK 

This year Psalm will begin 3rd grade and Sanaa is moving up to 2nd grade. I'm so proud of my sweeties. And while I know it is important for their social development and learning to attend school in person, my anxiety is at an all time high! Corona is not going away any time soon. With strong faith, prayer and taking all safety precautions we will get through this school year. 

Each P&S August box is a back-to-school box, one of our favorites to curate!  This year we are featuring school themed face masks from ClassynChic10, a women-owned business in Baltimore, MD. Check them out here


kids subscription box

We also have the brightest and kindest pencil cases from Monograms Off Main Street, a women-owned business in St. Louis, MO.  One of our favorite sayings is "Be Kind", we want all of our subbies to remember this through-out the school year. Click here to see what we're talking about 

This subbie just drove right into his box, no need to wait for the classroom! We love to see it. 

kids subscription box

If you missed out on ordering our Back-To-School box, no worries. Our next box delivery is in October. Start your subscription today and join in on the fun! 

Until next time, 


Psalm and Sanaa's Mommy 


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