June P&S Box Successory - Bored Games

Nia Mobley | 24 June, 2020 | 1 Comment

            June P&S Box Successory - Bored Games

Hey Moms and Dads! How many times have you heard "I'm bored" already this Summer? Don't worry, we share your pain. In this June's P&S Box we included a old-time favorite game, HANGMAN. Being an 80's baby, I played this game daily, it killed so many hours of childhood boredom. Although, when I sat Psalm and Sanaa down to teach them how to play the game, I totally forgot the concept (mommy brain). Once I figured it out, we played for hours!

We hope your family enjoys playing hangman together. Even though I thoroughly wish the name of the game would change. In today's climate, the name is quiet unpleasant. Comment below on a new and improved name for the game.  In the meantime here a few benefits we've received from playing this game together: 

  • It's a great way to study sight words for younger kids
  • Create a theme for the words the players need to guess, it can become a fun educational tool i.e. Weather, Types of Clouds
  • Increase spelling and grammar skills for the whole family
Also, IT'S OUR 2ND ANNIVERSARY! We are very grateful to all our subbies for allowing us to do what we love for the past two years. In honor of our 2nd Anniversary, we are offering one free box when you subscribe for a year. Don't miss this deal! Click here to shop. Thank you all for your continued support. If you haven't already, follow us on IG and FB@psalmandsanaa. 
Don't forget to enjoy this summer even though your plans may be interrupted due to COVID19. 
Until Next Time, Stay Safe,
Psalm and Sanaa

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05 September, 2020


This is such a fun and happy spirited page. Love all the high quality gifts! Keep it coming 😊

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